Diamond Tool Industry

Engineering and Manufacturing Consulting Services

We are associated with experienced professionals in many engineering and scientific disciplines. These associates include the production equipment and raw materials manufacturers to help solve the daily problems of the Diamond Tool Industry including diamond tool raw materials, manufacturing equipment, semi-finish, finished diamond tools & consulting services.

Synthetic Diamond Powders

different types of synthetic diamond powders for the construction, stone, ceramic, glass, electronic, machinery, mining, oil, gas and others

CBN Amber powder

CBN Black powder


Blanks for machining, dies blanks for wire drawing, cutters: for mining, oil & gas drilling. 


Used for the machining of high hardness and hard processed ferrous materials, such as harden steel, pearlite gray cast iron, high temperature alloy, high-speed steel, hard facing alloys, Ni-Cr alloy, powder metallurgy metals.

Mono crystal Diamond

Single crystal (SCD) diamond plates, processed from large size single crystal diamonds, contain relatively large sectors substantially free of dislocations and stacking faults

SCD-WD (Wire Drawing Die Use)

For wire drawing dies, crystallographic orientation 111, ideal for drawing non-ferrous metals, precious metals, ferrous metals and other alloy materials.

Hot Press & Infiltration Matrix Powders 

Graphite Plate & Molds

Graphite Mold Release Agents

Boron Nitride. They are NON-WETTING to molten metal and act like a high-temperature version of TEFLON

Production Equipment

From a single machine to a complete factory to manufacture any type of diamond tool

Semi & Finished Products


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